little kingdoms


I think we know what collective kingdoms we need to let go. (A lot of them end in -ism or -obia.) Things like racism, classism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia…And don’t forget religious prejudice, which stands apart with its own two words; no -ism or -obia for that one.


What about all the little personal kingdoms we hold dear? 

I mention this because, well, I’ve been quite the little kingdom maker over the years. I’ve made kingdoms where I am in charge and kingdoms where I am the STAR. But I’ve also made kingdoms where I am spiraling out of control and kingdoms where I am profoundly alone.

Theeere’s petty kingdom and better-than-you kingdom but also victim kingdom and loathe-myself kingdom and and and–


Frankly, they all disappoint.

For a long time, I was afraid that if I got close to God He’d insist that I “give up” things. You know, “sacrifice.” But the closer I got, the more I discovered that, One, God only makes suggestions, and Two, the only things (kingdoms) God was suggesting I give up were the ones that were making me unhappy…

Here’s what I know. God is forever offering us an exchange, my friends: Our little unhappy kingdoms for His all-consuming, profoundly meaningful, endlessly love-filled Kingdom.


Do you have an unhappy little kingdom? Let’s do this together, friend. Grab my hand. Ready. Set. LET GO.