alleviate: to relieve, lessen 

The day comes —
sometimes sooner,
sometimes later,
but always it comes —

when you no longer believe
that suffering is God’s idea,
nor can you accept
that it is ours.

On that day,
in that moment,
you remember
why you are here.

You are here to alleviate.

Sometimes I take a word and write a blessing or insight around it. The “Alleviate” Blessing is for those who are called to reach out to others and ease their pain.

For those who have remembered, this Blessing is a celebration. For those who need to remember (or re-remember), it’s a reminder. 

There are so many ways to relieve or lessen the suffering in our worlds, and it is often our SMALL ACTS and LITTLE KINDNESSES that bless others with the GREATEST RELIEF.  AND YES I AM CAPPING IT BECAUSE WE — BY “WE” I MEAN “I” — KEEP FORGETTING.

Let’s reach out today.
All small acts are welcome.  
A smile. 
A gentle hand on a weary shoulder. 
A phone call or text.
An “Oh, here! Let me help you with that!”

And if someone needs a little more, and you can give a little more, do that.
A few dollars.
A small meal.
A willingness to listen and not advise.

Kind acts can be as creative and numerous as we are.

Reach out today.
Lessen the suffering.