Random God Sightings

Random God Sightings
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Random God Sightings by Kelly Hanes is a delightful reminder that God generously bestows His gifts of power, kindness, and wisdom upon people all around us. Through heartfelt personal stories, Kelly teaches us how to recognize His grace at work. Adults and children, the healthy and afflicted, believers and atheists alike can shine the light of God’s love into our lives if only we open our eyes to see it.
— Author Shannon Upton
The lesson stays with me long after it has been read.
— Liz B.
This is absolutely beautiful. This had me in tears!
— Dori B.
In her book, Random God Sightings, Kelly Hanes shares stories that encourage us to live with the expectation that, if He’s invited, God will indeed show up in our everyday lives, often in the most unexpected ways and unlikely places. Thank you, Kelly, for challenging me to anticipate and savor these encounters as precious treasures from His heart to mine
— Shirley Swindle, author of The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly
As always, your sermons reassure me.
— Kathy S.
Well said, Kelly. You are an inspiration.
— Jean H.
Thank you for the reminder that among the mad, there are many good, selfless, brave people willing to put others first.
— Colleen H.