Random God Sightings

Random God Sightings

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Just a small-town girl finding God in unexpected people and unexpected places.

After learning that God bought a lottery ticket at a small-town gas station convenience store only to give it away, Kelly Hanes begins looking for God in other places as well. In rural Ohio and big-city Houston, in doctors’ offices, playgrounds and classrooms, retail stores and coffee houses, Kelly is looking for God. Spoiler: She finds Him.

God buys lottery tickets. God sings. God eats Doritos and shops at Lowes.

Random God Sightings is a collection of poignant, down-to-earth vignettes that tackle the age-old question: Is God there? Using the “little big things” of real life, Kelly's stories reveal a God who IS showing up -- right where we are. 

Be prepared. When you read Random God Sightings, you’re going to start seeing God too.