Bag it, Knot it and Throw It Away


Running on the greenbelt trail this morning, I saw this, and my first impulsive thought was,

“Seriously? Tying the knot and throwing it in the trash was the deal breaker???”


It occurred to me as I approached this orange bag of poop that we (by “we” I mean “I”) do this all the time.

Sometimes something in my life needs to be removed. I know it, and I take those first few steps.

But then…

maybe I get lazy, or distracted, or just say ‘whatevs’ and I DON’T FINISH IT. I don’t finish the removal. And it remains on my path. Maybe not a full-blown obstacle at first, but something I have to step around, something I have to take the time to notice and avoid.


And if I do this with EVERYTHING that needs to be removed, soon there are many orange bags on my path, and now there’s a freaking obstacle course.

(If you follow my writings, you know where I’m headed here.)

My. Friends. Let’s (together) FINISH removing the things in our lives that no longer serve. Let’s bag ‘em, tie a knot, and dispose of them.

Let’s clear The Path.