Right now I’m required to set aside two hours on three days of the week for physical therapy. For two hours three times a week, ALL OTHER things are set aside to focus on THIS ONE thing. It’s THE priority. 

When a body is injured, there are things we humans make time for in order to help it heal…like surgery, physical therapy and rest. We take these body matters seriously. 

In fact, we take our bodies so seriously that even when they’re NOT injured, we make time for things that will help keep them strong. You’ll find us at 5 AM bootcamps in school parking lots or sweating in CrossFit gyms or kickboxing with friends at the local YMCA. Running treadmills or trails early in the morning or in the evenings after work. Lifting weights, doing cardio. We do research, and we pay for products and equipment and sometimes trainers. And we feed ourselves healthfully too.  (Well. Some of us feed ourselves healthfully. Not me. I eat like crap. Whatevs. I’m working on it.)


Can you imagine a world where we took our SOULS that seriously?

Can you imagine a world where an injured Soul has permission from herself and her world to take time to focus on healing? Or a world where we took Soul health so seriously that we practiced the Soul equivalent of cardio and weightlifting? Researched what kind of things are healthy to feed a Soul?

I mean, think about it. Many of us say we have souls; and some of us believe we ARE Souls -- Souls that are using a body to have a human life here. Either way, it’s the SOUL part of us that continues on after the body is set aside  – so why shouldn’t the Soul be a priority too?

“Nice, Kelly Frances,” you say, “but not the world we live in.”
(To which I say, “I knooooooow. But you guuuuuuyyyyyssssss…”)

Ok Fine. I can’t wave a magic wand and make health insurance cover Soul Therapy, or force employers to provide paid Soulcation time – but I certainly CAN start reminding myself that I’M A SOUL; and every day as I get ready to take care of my body, I can slow down long enough to ask myself what my SOUL needs to be healthy and strong – and then (because I AM the boss of me) I can carve out some time for THAT. 

So can you.

What is good for YOUR Soul? Reading your Holy Book? Meditating in Holy Silence? Walking in nature? Time with a particular group of friends? Church? Writing? Drawing? Painting? Creating?

Some of you already know what’s good for your Soul. It’s just -- like me – you need to carve out the time to DO IT. So let’s do that. Let’s make the time and see what happens.

Well wait. We know what happens, don’t we?

Souls have their own unique set of gifts, and when we take care of our Souls, those gifts become strong and powerful and readily available.

Totally. Worth. The. Effort.

One thing, ya’ll. 
Just start with one thing that’s good for your Soul.

We can build from there.


Never tell a child, ‘you have a soul. Teach him, you are a soul; you have a body.’

- George MacDonald writing for a British Quaker periodical “The British Friend” in 1892