The Before-Time


He looked up at her, all burr haircut, bright green eyes and faded blue T-shirt and said,

“I’m strong, Mommy. I’m strong.”

 And she looked down at him, smiled and answered simply,

“Yes, you are. You are very strong.”

As they looked at each other, the boy and the mother, I felt Time Slow Down. Everything else seemed to slip away…the sounds of animated talking, the thump of detergent bottles and cases of Gatorade being plunked down on conveyor belts, the beep of payment terminals as people swiped debit cards…it all slipped away and my world became quiet and still.  

As I watched their unrushed regard of each other, I felt Something Gentle move over me, and I realized that I was on Holy Ground.

I was on Holy Ground because I was witnessing a boy and his mother in the Before-Time. Before voices begin to speak to him of “strong” with other words around it and with question marks at the end of their sentences. 

Are you

AS strong AS
Stronger THAN

the comparing
the measuring
the evaluating
the judging

He was just a little boy feeling strong.

His expression looking up, and hers looking down, was beautiful…and watching them, a thought occurred to me –

Do you think Our Souls say that when we are recently arrived here?

Before the voices take tenacious hold, do you think Our Soul looks up and says,

I’m strong, Father (Mother).

And do you think God leans down, smiles and says,

Yes, you are. You are very strong.


Our Souls are strong, my friends. Very strong.
Let the mean little voices be damned, 
and let’s remember 
Who We Really Are.