2019: The No-Chains-On-Me Year


If you think about it, a resolution is a request for freedom.

If your resolution is to lose weight, then you’re looking for freedom from eating habits that feel fleetingly good only to leave you feeling lastingly bad.

If your resolution is to “get fit,” you’re asking for freedom from sedentary habits that leave you feeling bad physically or mentally.

If your resolution is to get a new job – or relationship! -- you’re longing for freedom from a situation that no longer satisfies.

And deeper yet are the resolutions to be more compassionate...less anxious...closer to our God.

Resolutions are declarations of freedom from that which holds us back, keeps us down – wraps us in chains that restrain us from being Our Best Self.

Is there a difference? Is there a difference between saying

“I resolve to ….” and “I choose to be free of…”?

Maybe we should try it this year and see.

Happy New Year, my friends. This year may we all be free.