The Crazy Unlikely Thing


They hadn’t spoken in a while.

So when Rene saw Krystal’s post on Facebook that night, she caught her breath.

Krystal was thinking about ending her life.

The two girls had drifted apart…but not so far apart that Rene didn’t pick up her phone and call Krystal NOW.

They talked for awhile; about Krystal’s pain, about how hard it was, about how she wasn’t sure she wanted to stick around. Rene listened. She listened for as long as it took. Which was long. Then she encouraged Krystal, as best she could, to choose life.

Finally, when she was confident that Krystal would choose to see another day, she said good night to her friend.

But lying in bed, wheels turning round and round in her head, Rene began to worry about the next morning. Because Rene knew what we all know – that the problems would still be there in the morning, and so would the pain. WHAT could she do for Krystal tomorrow? She could pray, yes, but WHAT could she DO to make sure that Krystal heard a voice of encouragement in the morning?

It was worth a try.

Rene had an idea – crazy, unlikely – but it was worth a try.

Early the next morning, Rene called the radio station she knew Krystal would listen to on the way to work. She asked for help. She asked them to reach out.

And the DJs said yes.

Yes to reaching out to Krystal.

So at 6:30 am, while Houston commuters were flooding the highways to try (and fail) to beat the I10/610/45/ohfaceiteverythingjams traffic jams, the NGEN Radio DJs spoke words of encouragement to Krystal. They asked her to hang on. They asked her not to give up. They asked her to reach out. They told her there was Something More.


And then they asked listeners all over Houston to reach out too. They asked them to…you know…pray for Krystal.


Thousands of people, all over Houston, in their cars, praying for Krystal.


The phones.

People started calling in with messages for Krystal. And because they were HONEST, they didn’t sugar-coat it. Life is hard sometimes, Krystal, they said. But it gets better. They told their own stories. Some of them told her – not in the cliché way, but in the honest, I-can-say-it-because-I've-been-there way, that God had a plan for her. But mostly they told Krystal SHE WAS NOT FIGHTING ALONE. And they told her she could DO THIS.

To Rene I say, Well done! To Krystal I say, Houston has your back, Krystal.

And TO YOU, dear reader, I say –

If you are feeling low today,


Some of those people – weaving in and out of traffic in that reckless, Houston, Ima-race-car-driver way – Some of those people prayed for YOU too. That’s right. We know it’s not just Krystal. We know there are others.

We know you are there.

You are not forgotten. You are not alone.

We’re praying for you and We’re sending help.

So make no mistake.

God is coming for you. Coming to you in people, in resources, in songs, in every way you can imagine and some you cannot.

Because no matter how dark things look right now -- no matter how crazy, how unlikely, this sounds -- There IS a plan for you.

And we – those of us who are praying for you – We don’t say this in an airy-fairy way.

We say it because we once felt the darkness and we lived to tell the tale.

Reach Out.

We're here and so is He.


Aaaaaaaaaand for the happy people:

If you're in a good place today, Be like Rene. Reach out to someone who is suffering. Ask yourself and your God if there’s anything you can DO. And if something crazy, something unlikely, comes to mind –