Love Wins


It is said by some that Jesus of Nazareth came to our world to die for our sins so that we – errant, reckless sons and daughters of Adam – could be reconciled to God. It is said by some that Jesus paid the price for our sins.

It is said by others that this makes absolutely no sense at all.


Everyone agrees that Jesus taught us — taught us HOW TO LIVE reconciled and in union with our Creator and with each other.

We killed Him for it, of course.

I mean, all the talk about loving our neighbors, the calls to forgive others, to care for the less fortunate, reaching out to the marginalized…It was very uncomfortable to hear, and we really didn’t want to DO IT.

So…we killed Him.

And when we killed Him, Jesus taught us the Two Most Important Things we need to know:

ONE: You can’t kill God.

You can ignore Him
Doubt Him
Taunt Him (like a thief on a cross)
Mock Him (as you pass by)
You can befriend Him then run away when things get tough (Who WAS that fleeing disciple in the garden that night?)
You can deny Him when the stakes seem high (Like Peter. Like three times.)
You can turn utterly away from Him (Like Judas.)

You can
lash Him
beat Him
nail Him to a cross
Crucify Him

And still He lives.


TWO: You can’t kill God’s Love.

You can’t kill God, and You can’t kill God’s Love for us.
It was Love that took the hits and returned, despite all of it, to call to us again.

And again and again and again.


It turns out that WE -- errant, reckless sons and daughters of Adam – WE are the Loves of His Life.

So no matter what you’ve done
Or failed to do
Or will yet screw up
Remember --

You can’t kill God, and you can’t kill His Love for you.

Rejoice because HE IS RISEN