Run Strong


I don’t run the Houston greenbelts to be thin. 
Which is good, really. Because I’m not. I'm not thin.

I ran past a tree this weekend with the word RUN spray painted on it, and within 20 paces — and before I could organize my thoughts — I saw the second tree, and it said, in BIG red letters


My first thought, to be honest, was for the TREE. Oh, she must be so embarrassed, I thought, to be covered with such an ugly message. [SIDEBAR: I’m a Celt. We love our trees.]

Indignant for the tree, and annoyed at the thought of running past that message every day, I went back the next day and GENTLY hung a sign on the tree.  I covered the word FAT with the word STRONG.


Silly vandals. I can’t speak for the other runners, but I don’t run to be not-fat. I'm not trying to achieve an outward physical appearance that “the world” says is desirable. I run to feel my Soul and my God. I run because when I run my anxieties and fears slip away, and Something Good lifts me up-up-up and  *BAM*

I am free and I am strong.

Strong enough to forgive, to be kind, to love and laugh and Reach.Out.

Remember, ya'll. The mean little voices in our worlds (and in our heads) -- THEY DON'T KNOW US. They don't know ANYTHING about the REAL us. Let's ignore them -- together.

WHO CARES what “the world” says we should look like…or feel…or BE?


And that makes us STRONG.

Now. Go run. (By which I mean Go do YOU.)