For The Aftermath


From her place on the floor, Farida could see his boots moving through the church. She tried to play dead, but the boots came to her pew anyway. The killing man who filled the boots began shooting the woman next to her -- and that woman, while she was being shot to death, looked at Farida the whole time. And she looked back at the woman and never looked away. Already shot in the legs herself, and aware she would be executed next, still Farida Brown chose to comfort the woman as she died: “It’s OK,” she said to the woman, over and over. “It’s OK. You’re going to go to heaven.”

When her turn came, Farida asked God to take her soul to heaven. But God didn’t. God didn’t take Farida’s soul to heaven. Instead, He asked her to do one more hard thing.

He asked her to stay for the aftermath. ------

Reach out today. Maybe to the survivors of the Sutherland Springs massacre Maybe to those in your own world who are struggling.

Slow down. Be gentle.

Make it a world Farida will be glad she stayed for.