Be That Guy

He was fallen.

I didn’t know why he went down. I didn’t see that part. I only knew that he was there, fallen.

I crouched down, and he raised his head to look at me. I quickly realized he hit his head on the curb when he fell...hard. There was a huge knot on his forehead and plenty of bleeding. His wrist was bleeding too, and so was his leg.

“I’ll get help,” I said, and took the five steps necessary to enter Walgreens and call out to the girls at the counter,

“You’ve got a senior out here who fell and needs help.”

The girls at the counter looked very young, so I added, “Get the pharmacist.”

(Yes, I know, pharmacists are not doctors. But they’re smart. And they know things. And to her credit, the first thing the pharmacist asked the senior when she saw all the bleeding was, “Sir, are you on a blood thinner?” I wouldn’t have thought to ask that. Would you?)

Within a minute there was plenty of help for the gentleman, both from the parking lot and from inside the store. Someone had gauze to temporarily wrap the bleeding wrist, and the pharmacist was ready to “get you cleaned up a bit, sir," while someone else called for the ambulance. It was, again, people at their best.

It wasn’t until the next day that I wondered what caused the man to fall. Did he get dizzy? Catch his toe on something? I don’t know. I didn’t see him go down.

Falling happens in our lives in other ways too.

Sometimes we see someone heading for a fall, and maybe we can help (usually not <sigh> human nature is stubborn).

Sometimes there is someone in our life who falls and falls and falls and we hate it a little but WE KNOW our place is at their side – to be there for the getting-back-up part.


Other times We just come upon a person fallen.

Long ago, another man was found lying at the side of the road, wounded and bleeding. He was just there. Fallen.

A couple of people saw him but just walked on by.

A third man saw him and “had compassion on him.” He cleaned him up, bound his wounds, and then made arrangements to leave him with someone who could give the man the care he needed.

AND JESUS SAID Be that guy.

Be the guy that stops and helps.

There are many ways to fall, my friends. It’s not always physical. Maybe it’s depression. Or addiction. Or grief. Unbelievable frustration. Hopelessness. Despair. Fear. Anxiety.

Sometimes you just come upon a person And they’re down. It’s done. They’ve fallen.

And people are walking by. Too busy. Too tired. Unwilling to get mixed up in who knows what.

People. are. walking. by.

Listen. When you see someone has fallen, be the guy that stops and helps.

Bind the wounds, as best you can. Do all that you can think of to be of assistance. And when you’ve done all you can, entrust him to the care and protection of Jesus of Nazareth.

It's not either/or. It's both. You do your part. And Jesus will do His. -----

Eyes open today, my friends. Someone may need you...



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