Las Vegas and Those People


WHAT do you EVEN DO…?

This is a sentence I’ve heard this week over and over.

Sometimes it ends with “…with a situation like that?” Sometimes it ends with “…with a world like this?"

WHAT do you EVEN DO when a madman with fully automatic weapons fires on a crowd of innocent people for 11 relentless minutes?

I’ll tell you what SOME PEOPLE do.

They use THEIR BODIES to shield others. They get trucks and cars, fill them with the injured and take them to hospitals. They take shirts off their backs to make tourniquets for the bleeding. They use their hands to hold pressure on wounds.

They call out to people who are getting ready to run, “Wait. No. You can’t go yet. Stay down.” And then when they’ve found a safe place, they call out, “Go. Go now,” and shepherd people into shelter.

That is what some people do in a situation like that.

As to the other way that question ends, "WHAT do you EVEN DO with a world like this?"

I think the simplest answer is You do what THEY did.

It’s a difficult business, laboring for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Not always difficult. But sometimes very difficult. Yet, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and among us. THOSE PEOPLE stand as our reminder.

We are – all of us -- horrified at what we’ve seen in Las Vegas. We are deeply and profoundly saddened. Our hearts cry out for those who lost loved ones, and for those who will live with bodies and lives forever altered.

So do something.

In a world that sometimes frightens us, in a world that sometimes seems mad, let's be like THOSE PEOPLE.

You may not need to protect someone with your body today. But can you offer someone shelter emotionally? Spiritually? Can you slow down and listen to someone?

And you likely won’t be called upon to load wounded bodies into a truck this week, but can you reach out to someone who is hurting? Struggling?

Can WE be like THOSE PEOPLE? I think we can. So let’s do it. And let's be as relentless as those bullets.

Photo: David Becker/Getty