Trust Not Required


Sometimes I have trust issues. You know. With God.

Oh, not when things are rolling my way, mind you. THEN I trust Him very, very much. And I cheerfully annoyingly encourage others to trust Him as well.


If someone or something I care about is threatened, and it is NOT something that I can fix…I’m OUT. Out of the trust boat.

This does not feel good, of course. If I’m out of the trust boat, I’m already scared. I'm also disgusted with myself. I mean, how can I write about how God loves us and dwells within us and among us and then say…but, like, you can’t TRUST Him, you guys, you know that, right?

So it’s two layers of misery. I’m scared that God won’t help. And I loathe myself for being scared that God won’t help.

Lucky for me, Jesus found a way to help me during these freakouts. I’m going to share His suggestion with you today.

The definition of trust is “believe in the reliability, truth or strength of.” If I am in crisis, I’m having trouble with the word “believe.” And even if I can "in general" believe in my Creator's reliability, truth and strength, if I'm anxious, that means I'm having trouble believing He's going to throw any of it my way.

There's a tricky little Law of the Universe that states that you can’t “believe” if you are firmly entrenched in a state of “not believe.” They are mutually exclusive states of mind.

I cannot "believe" while I am "not believing," and to be honest, once I’m “not believing,” I really start to spiral. I try to think of all the good I've seen -- and received. But the mean little voices in my head seize control and start yammering on about the man who didn't receive a miracle for his cancer...or the mother whose child did NOT survive the car crash...or the business man who was honest and hardworking but lost everything...and WHAM! I’m out of the trust boat, thrashing around in the water. It’s not looking good, and I am clearly NOT gonna make it back to the trust boat under my own power...



So one day, when I was freaking out, Jesus simply asked me, “Easy now. Can you entrust this to me?”


Here’s what Jesus meant. Look at the definition of entrust: “Assign the responsibility for doing something (to someone); put something into someone's care or protection.”

“Can you entrust this to me?”

Let's see...

Assign the responsibility for fixing my problem to the SON of GOD? Put my issues into the care and protection of the Master of the Universe? Well, uhm, YEAH. I CAN DO THAT. Turns out, in the middle of a freakout over a problem -- when you've done everything you can think of to fix things -- turns out assigning the responsibility for making things better to someone else is…pretty darn attractive. And kind of easy.

So when I can’t say, “I believe you will heal this,” I find I CAN say, “I’m scared. And I can’t fix this. So I’m putting this into your care and protection.”

When I do this, I don’t know how it will all turn out, of course. And it doesn’t mean I’ll get what I want. But here's one thing I DO believe: If I can’t fix a problem with all of my resources, then there’s no better place for it than under the care and protection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Once someone asked Jesus which commandment in the law was the greatest. He answered that it was the commandment to love God. I think that’s kind of beautiful. I think God knew we'd have trouble with all the other stuff, so He was like, Guys, just love Me, okay? Just focus on getting to know Me and loving Me. The rest will come.

Even when I don’t trust God, I still love Him. I think God smiles when I say, “I’m really scared you’re not going to fix this…but I still love you.” I think He smiles and says, “Trust is not required, Kelly Frances. Just give it to me.”

So whatever is causing you to have trust issues today, friend, let me be the bearer of good news. Trust is not required. Just love, if you can manage it. And when you’re ready, take a deep breath and give the problem to Him. Place it into His care and protection. Entrust it to Him.

He. Would. Love. That.