Houston Strong Women


What exactly is "Houston Strong?"

Post Hurricane Harvey I’ve seen women gutting houses, hoisting furniture and hauling trash. I’ve seen them lift way too much and work way too late. And then get up and do it all again the next day.

I’ve seen women do other things too.

I've seen young mothers with children at home take in dirty flood clothing and mud-covered dishes and wash it ALL and keep it safe for the day the survivors can have it again.

I've seen women making meals for survivors and volunteers. Women activating phone chains and Facebook pages for resource information. Women opening up their homes to survivors and babysitting children so survivors can apply to FEMA and take care of other post-flood business.

I've seen women sharing generators and food and their husband’s tools.


Women listening to the stories of loss, women speaking comforting words, women laying gentle hands on weary shoulders.

Houston Strong is what you are when you help others. So you realize, of course, what I’m going to tell you today: YOU are Houston Strong.

YOU are Houston Strong When you check on the senior citizen down the street. Help a millennial find work. Support a friend through a grave illness. Teach your child compassion.

Do you see?

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Houston Texas or Rockport Texas or Jacksonville Florida or Columbus Ohio or Tucson Arizona or Memphis Tennessee or Portland Oregon or whether you are lifting heavy things or speaking kind words.



IF YOU ARE A WOMAN Chances are you are Houston Strong. Every Day. Every. Damn. Day.

It's part of your design.

Now. Go get ‘em, Rosie!

p.s. Want to show solidarity with your sisters AND give to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund? Click Here to Buy the Shirt. Just like women, it comes in different styles, sizes and colors!

p.s.s. YES. Men are Houston Strong too! That's the beauty of Houston Strong-ness -- it transcends gender. :)