No Space for Hate


Harvey 2017 not only met but exceeded expectations.

By now you’ve seen the images; the homes destroyed, the highways under water. You’ve seen senior citizens in water up to their chests and families wading through waist-deep water, balancing children on hips and dogs in arms. You’ve seen WATER cover HOUSES.

You’ve seen the citizens of Texas working ALONG WITH the government of Texas to reach out to hurricane/flood victims. You’ve seen the valiant rescues, the above-and-beyond effort to save others, the setting aside of self to help others in great need.

You’ve watched expressions of shock, of sorrow --  of relief and gratitude – play across the faces of mothers, fathers and children.

You’ve seen the images. They made us all gasp.

Beyond what you’ve seen is The More of it. (The news can’t show you everything, after all.) Neighbors checking on neighbors. Families taking in other families because the shelters are at capacity or unreachable. Prepared People sharing resources with Those Unprepared:



Share my home, share my food. I have a boat. I’m on my way. I don’t have a boat, but I know someone who does. Hang on.Can you get the kittens to me? I know what to do.

Thousands and thousands of small acts of kindness. Thousands. You will not see them on the news, but they are there, and they are helping to win the day.

There’s something else you haven’t seen on the news:

Angry faces contorted with hate marching through the streets, helmets on heads and hands brandishing weapons.

Turns out, when a Hurricane hits, There’s no space for hate.

Right now in Texas (and beyond, for those of you who love us and are helping us) there are only two categories of people:

Those in need, and those who want to help those in need.


This… This is everything.

This. Is. US. The real us.

This is who we were designed to be. This is who our creator intended we be. This is who Jesus of Nazareth called us to be.

We just keep forgetting.

You want a better world, my friends? Live as if there are only two categories of people:

Those in need. Those who want to help those in need.

No divisions based on gender, color, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and whatever other categories we’ve come up with to divide ourselves into little bits and pieces…

Just those two.

Those in need and Those who want to help those in need.

No space for hate.

And when we start getting it right all the time, when the day is won,

We will be as One.

Just like He hoped.

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Photo 1 courtesy of Abc13 Houston Photo 2 courtesy of FB.