It's Crazy


It’s crazy, right? What the Catholics say. They say that the bread and wine at mass become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. LITERALLY.  Not symbolically. Literally.


that when you enter a Chapel of Perpetual Adoration and sit before the tabernacle that holds the Blessed Sacrament - Blessed Sacrament is what they call the bread once it becomes Jesus - they say that you are LITERALLY in the presence of Christ.

And that is crazy. Right?


Listen. I stole into the chapel of Perpetual Adoration at St. Martha’s, you know, just to see…and I sat and stared at that Big Golden Box-Holding-Christ…and…


Listen. Guys. <lowers voice and speaks in a conspiratorial tone> It feels like He’s there.

Do you remember William Wordsworth once wrote, “The world is too much with us?” Well, the world is too much with me, and there are many voices chattering in my head at any given time.

Local ones: What exactly did she mean by that comment? I’m so sick of his bulls---. Will the boys call Uber if they drink? Why am I so tired?

And the Big Ones, the ones that talk about terrorism and Kenya and the middle east and Donald Trump; the poor, the homeless, violent acts and All Bad Things.

And, see, the thing is, when I sat in that chapel, the voices fell silent. I mean, all on their own. Without me pleading with God to stop the head noise.

They. Just. Stopped. It was very quiet, and very still. And it felt like He was there.

It’s crazy, right? Right?