She Remains with Me


Friday I lost my beloved canine running partner. We ran the greenbelt trails almost every day for 12 years. And if “soul mate” means “companion to one’s soul,” she was that to me as well…

When husband went to Iraq, She remained with me.

When the children traipsed off to school With their tra-la-las and their see-ya-laters, She remained with me.

When she was diagnosed with lymphoma, even then She remained with me.

For as long as she could.

Now she is companion To The One who sent her to me. And as He dropped down on a knee to wrap His arms around her neck, I'm sure His first words to her were “Well done, good and faithful servant!"

As I work through my sadness In the days to come I hope I can remember What His angels whispered in my ear As I cried on the greenbelt trails early this morning:

If she is with HIM And He is with me always Then in some beautiful and mystical way

She remains with me.