True Confessions

True Confessions: Me and Jesus broke up last week.

I told Jesus I was quitting. You know. On the *relationship.* Actually what I said was:

ME: IquitIquitIquitIquitIquit.


ME: Listen, it’s not YOU. It’s ME. I’m just not feeling it anymore. And honestly, I’m tired of trying to make this work. I'm sorry, but I’m out.

Now, the much-loved -- and oft repeated -- formula goes something like this: After you “quit/surrender” something, a wonderful and meaningful thing happens, and you realize that God is there, and it’s all going to be okay. Right?

Well, NONE of that happened. I awoke the next day feeling just as frustrated, just as weary, just as *quitty* as I had the day before. I went about my day, and nothing special happened AT ALL.

I wasn’t particularly mean to anyone, I didn’t Run Out and Do Many Bad Things because I was no longer in a relationship with Jesus, I just <sigh> went about the business of life.

Three days later, driving down the road, a song came on the radio – it doesn’t matter which song, just a song – and I realized…I mean, it came over me that I…I…

ME:  I still love you. J:  Still here.

Nothing else happened. Nothing else happened because THAT realization was the something wonderful, the something meaningful, that I most needed after my three-day Quit Fit. I didn’t need to be reminded that He loved me no matter what. I needed to remember that I love Him no matter what.

So…the relationship status has changed. (Again.)

I’m a relationship with Yeshua bar Alaha.


You already know He loves you no matter what Today may you remember the feeling is mutual.

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