Kelly Hanes


Here’s who I am: Early every morning I run the greenbelt trails of Houston with my Boxer Sophia. I feel God there, and I talk to Jesus – about me, about life, about other people. On the really good days, I remember to listen. Sometimes I come home and write about what we’ve discussed. Then I shower and head out for my day – where I mess it all up.

OK. I don’t ALWAYS mess it all up.
(But sometimes I do.)
So I write about that too.

That’s what I write about. What it feels like to be connected to God, and Who We Are when that connection happens…and what it feels like to be DISconnected from God, and who we are when THAT happens.

Also I write about this: Even after the bad days, He's still waiting for me the next morning on the greenbelt.

I write because I want you to know.
He's there for you too. All of us. No exceptions.

Random God Sightings
By Kelly Hanes

Kelly is author of Random God Sightings, and her blog, The Other Sermon. A graduate of the University of Houston, Kelly received the Outstanding Thesis of 2011 Award from The Honors College for her thesis, "Wordsworth and The Religious Experience." She also received Honorable Mention in the Houston Tolerance Essay Contest sponsored by Rice University Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance and the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston Partnership in 2004. Born and raised in Ohio, she lives in Houston, Texas, wife to one, human mother to four and dog mother to two. She enjoys running, writing and working with Last Wishes, an organization that provides compassionate, in-home veterinary care for senior pets.